Blues Camp

Along with the Blues in the Schools program, the Blues Camp is an important way to introduce Saskatoon's budding musicians to the Blues, while improving their musical skills.

The Blues Camp gives youth aged 12 to 17 a positive way to express emotions through blues music. The program is a mixture of hands-on music instruction combined with a blues history lesson. Students are taught at a wide range of proficiency levels and are are encouraged to build their improvisation and performance skills.

During camp, students are taught to play blues on their choice of voice, guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica or saxophone. By practising and working together, Blues Camp students learn teamwork, social skills, discipline and improve their self-confidence. The camp culminates with live performances before supportive, enthusiastic audiences.

Many of Saskatoon's finest young musicians are alumni of the Blues Camp, and some have even returned to teach in following years.

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