Blues Camp Quotes

We would have expected a camp like this to cost 2 or 3 times what it did, so we really appreciated that it was so affordable. And I'm not sure how you accomplished it, but from the performance it was obvious you had created a very positive, supportive learning environment, as it felt like these kids of all ages and ability levels worked well together.  - Pearl (parent)


Performing the blues is something that I never thought I would be doing and every day of camp I found myself loving it more. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to try something new. - Naomi (vocals)


The camp was awesome....and I had a lot of fun.....and I’ll definitely be coming back next year. - Rob (guitar)


I think camp was so much fun! There is nothing I would've rather done this week. I was very impressed with the levels of teaching there was. Thank you soo much for that opportunity! - Gabby (keyboards)


The camp was great I will be back next year. It really helped me to learn more about how blues jams are made. The band experience is the most I got out of it and I really got a real feeling of how it feels to perform on stage. Catering was good. Monkey Junk was great. Thanks, - Adam (guitar)


The camp was awesome. I liked that in the morning we practiced our instruments and in the afternoon we played the song as a band. - Matthew (keyboards)