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SBS Contact Emails:

For all emails the target address is

  • info@ will reach our most helpful Secretary
  • bits@ for Blues in the Schools Chairperson
  • festival@ to reach the Festival Chairperson
  • media@ our Media Relations Director
  • tickets@ to reach our Ticket Committee
  • membership@ questions about membership
  • volunteer@ our Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • program@ to reach our Artistic Director
  • bluescamp@ our Blues Camp Co-ordinator

SBS, 2016 Directors:

For any executive member try their,

  • Jack Walton - President
  • Al Wood - Vice President & Past President
  • Bob Reid - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Stan Budgell - Artistic Director
  • Derwyn Powell
  • Tyler Wake
  • Doug Ehrlich
  • Evan Sorestad
  • Che Gunia
  • Sharon Vickner